Microsoft Squashes Blake’s 7 Remake Rumors

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Blakes 7Syfy first looked into rebooting British sci-fi cult classic Blake’s 7  but abandoned the project.  “Casino Royale” director Martin Campbell was slated to direct. Then rumors surfaced not long after that Microsoft was interested in developing the show as an Xbox Original.

However, Kate Barnes, Executive Producer for Microsoft’s TV content, said at the Edinburgh TV Festival this week that that it is not happening.   That leaves the TV show set in the Halo universe as the only confirmed project so far in Microsoft’s new television venture.

Blake’s 7 came from the mind of Terry Nation, who created the Daleks for Doctor Who. In the Blake’s 7 universe, dissident Roj Blake battles the totalitarian Terran Federation with the aid of  some renegades and criminals. It drew inspiration from real world political conflicts. During a time in which we’re wondering how far the NSA should be allowed to go in pursuit of information, it could be very timely. Of course, it would probably eventually end up on Fox News under the headline “Xbox Supports Terrorism With Sci-Fi Show.”

But if Xbox did have any interest in reviving a cult classic science fiction show, Firefly is still out there Microsoft.

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