About a Boy Band: “One Direction: This is Us” Tops the Box Office

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One Direction

One Direction

Here’s your box office report, complete with snarky commentary, for this past weekend. We were off yesterday for Labor Day, which is why you’re getting this today.

1.) One Direction: This is Us$17M. I really thought this wouldn’t finish as high. It just goes to show you: teenage girls absolutely adore Morgan Spurlock.

2.) Lee Daniels’ The Butler, $14.7M. If the creators of Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down had hitched their wagons to this story, how great would that have been? Forest Whitaker could have saved multiple presidents from international terrorists over 30 years, with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Lenny Kravitz as his sidekicks! This is why I should be a studio executive. Look how adroitly I merged art and commerce. And there’s even a catchphrase: “You’ve been served!”

3.) We’re the Millers, $12.6M. Long, long legs on this one. Expect it to stick around for a bit since Riddick is the only national release slated for this week.

4.) Planes, $7.8M. An animated movie could feature two cartoon bears reenacting Waiting for Godot and it would be a hit.

5.) Instructions Not Included, $7.5M. Let this be a lesson to everybody on the influence of Spanish-speaking audiences and that everybody goes to the movies. Remember, we also had a Bollywood movie in the top 10 earlier this year. I assure you, these are not coincidences.


Source: IMDb

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