‘Plush’ Red Band Trailer: Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll and Emily Browning

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plush-emily-browningCatherine Hardwicke doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation as a director following “Twilight” and “Red Riding Hood”, but what you may not realize is she’s also a writer. And a fairly decent one, judging by the 2003 “Thirteen”, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Holly Hunter (the latter in an Oscar nominated role).

Apparently, Hardwicke is planning to return to her roots, with a new sex and drugs-focused drama directed and written by her and that plays a very similar tune to “Thirteen”. This one’s called “Plush” and, based on its first trailer, embedded below, it looks wild.

Wild, crazy, intense, you can call it a number of ways, but you can’t call it boring. It stars Emily Browning as a promiscuous rock singer/songwriter, caught in a love triangle along pretty boys Xavier Samuel (“Twilight Saga: Eclipse”) and Cam Gigandet (“Easy A”, “Priest”).

There seems to be a lot of nudity here, both male and female, so you can say there’s a little something, something for everybody. Hopefully, there’s a solid storyline to go with that as well, because Emily Browning’s newfound untamed sexuality and the apparently wicked soundtrack will only go so far in keeping our interest.

Oh, and by the by, you might want to look up “Sexuo” by Kate Crash & The UFO Club. You’re welcome.

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