Will Smith May Welcome Aliens Back to Earth in Independence Day Sequels

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will smith independence dayPrevious reports had Will Smith not very interested in “Independence Day” followups. After pulling off such convincing fare as “Ali” and “Pursuit of Happyness,” you could understand an actor wanting to go in a different direction. Unfortunately for Will, that path took him into “After Earth,” one of 2013’s biggest box office bombs.

Director Roland Emmerich told Digital Spy Will Smith will talk with him about the prospects. Hey, there’s going to be a really big check on the table for this eventual sequel, which Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are already signed on for. I still remember seeing the trailer for the original, complete with exploding White House, during the Super Bowl in 1996. My best friend turned to me and with the most serious expression I’ve ever seen on the man, informed me we were seeing this movie.

We did on July 4, 1996 waiting in a line that was Justin Bieber performing at a middle school long. I was still a wide-eyed sci-fi fan instead of a cynical entertainment writer. Even so, I was relatively sure an alien warship could not be hacked by a Macintosh Powerbook. In any case, the aliens are slated to return in 2015 or 2016. Now that return may include Will Smith, and hopefully a subscription to McAfee  for the mothership.

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