Box Office Report: “Riddick” Dominates Sluggish Weekend

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Johns and the mercs in "Riddick"

All of these dudes (and dudette) against one guy? Doesn’t seem fair… but, yet, it is.

Here’s your box office report, complete with snarky commentary, for this past weekend.

1.) Riddick, $18.7M. Considering this was the only major release this weekend, shouldn’t it have made a little bit more? By the way: last week’s number one, One Direction: This is Us, plummeted to sixth place. Guess the audience for that movie was too busy with history homework this week.

2.) Lee Daniels’ The Butler, $8.9M. This is Argo and The Help all over again. A movie details–in glossy, high-concept fashion–how Americans triumphed over a rough spot in our history. The movie enjoys box office success and generally favorable reviews. Honestly, if Daniels’ effort doesn’t get nominated for at least six Academy Awards, I’ll die of shock.

3.) Instructions Not Included, $8.1M. And on just 717 screens nationwide, no less.

4.) We’re the Millers, $7.9M. Amazingly, it has made more than The Hangover Part III, which was billed as the summer’s big comedy.

5.) Planes, $4.3M. Based on the cast alone, this looks like it should have gone directly to video. Yet here I am still writing about this damn thing.

Source: IMDb

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