‘Treme’ Teases Final Season- But Does Anyone Care?

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When I watched the first season of Treme, back when it debuted in the spring of 2010, my thought was that I wanted to immediately hop on a plane and go to New Orleans, a city that I’ve never visited. This week, I’m headed to New Orleans for the first time ever, and here’s HBO with a 30-second teaser (courtesy of Mediaite) for the next season, which aired Sunday night:

The series, throughout its three seasons so far, has been often brilliant, if uneven. Most of the characters are good, the cinematography outstanding, and the music so, so great.

 Treme is nowhere close to The Wire, creator David Simon’s previous series, either in terms of quality, ambition or cultural impact, but it’s a fine little show and I’m glad it exists. However, it won’t be existing for long- the upcoming season is Treme‘s last, and it will run for just five episodes, starting in December. Although strangely, the teaser makes no mention of it being the final season.

Here’s what else is strange: The Treme teaser, which aired between Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom, was barely mentioned on Twitter. It got little news coverage, compared to the debut, also Sunday night, of the first trailer for HBO’s new True Detective show. HBO, as of Monday morning, didn’t even put the teaser on its YouTube channel.

I realize that Treme, when it comes to popularity, is no Sopranos, Game of Thrones, or even a Girls. But it’s an under-appreciated show, one that I wouldn’t be surprised to see draw greater appreciation when it’s examined years from now. And when I go to New Orleans this week, I expect to think of it often.

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    What a moron. I care. Others do too. Sadly it just starting to gain a following but to put a pompous title like ‘doaes anyone care?’ makes you look like an idiotic douchebag.