Roland Emmerich Plans to Reboot ‘Stargate’ into a Trilogy

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The Verge is reporting that director Roland Emmerich is planning on rebooting his 1994 sci-fi movie “Stargate” into a trilogy.  Emmerich is currently in the process of buying the film rights from MGM and willstargate_1994_2 eventually search for an appropriate screenwriter.

“That’s pretty exciting news,” said nobody. “I can’t wait to see this”, added that non-existent person. Who likes “Stargate” exactly? And when I say “likes” I don’t mean you half-watched it on cable six years ago and didn’t hate it, I mean you like the movie to such a crazed, single-minded degree you visit Comic-Con in an elaborate Col. Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil costume. Where are those people?

 Basically this is the entertainment news equivalent to those Facebook status updates where people are compelled to tell us that they’re, “eating a gyro” or “just finished cleaning the garage”. This is so inconsequential you can practically hear a million shoulder blades creaking out as one as they simultaneously shrug in unison.

In related uninteresting news, the first of Emmerich’s “Independence Day” sequels,-“ID Forever Part 1″- is slated for 2015 release. Get your Fandango tickets NOW!

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