FilmDistrict to Offer “The Ultimate ‘Insidious’ Experience” This Thursday

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In 2013, it’s good to be James Wan. Very good. Over the summer, his old fashioned horror romp ‘The Conjuring‘ became one of the season’s biggest hits, then Universal pegged him as the next director in the smash international hit ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise. Now, he’s about to revisit the film that reconfirmed his post-‘Saw’ relevance, ‘Insidious,’ with a second installment. And in case you’ve forgotten what happened to the Lambert Family the first time around, distributor FilmDistrict is giving you a chance to play catch-up…for a price.

Insidious 2 trailer

Now, you could always venture down to your local brick and mortar and pick up a Blu-ray copy of the original in preparation for ‘Insidious: Chapter 2‘ (opening on Friday, September 13th), but the studio is hoping you will plunk down a bit more cash and check out both films on Thursday night. That’s right, all around the country, fans can purchase tickets for what’s being called “The Ultimate Insidious Experience.”

In essence, it’s the first film followed by the sequel. That’s it. No bonus content. No added features. No ‘World War Z’ style commemorative zombie head (or whatever Paramount was offering when they made their prerelease pitch – at $50 a pop – for Brad Pitt’s horror action tentpole). No, just a chance to see the film a few hours before anyone else can. Granted, they’re not giving you either film for free (average costs is around $18 per double feature), but at least you can see them back to back, right?

With very little buzz building around this return (the original ‘Insidious’ was well reviewed) and Wan already scaring the bejesus out of audiences a little over a month ago, ‘Insidious: Chapter 2‘ might struggle. Perhaps this marketing ploy (more information can be found here) will help build some decent word of mouth. It could also doom the sequel if audiences find it wanting compared to the first trip into “The Further.”


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