Roger Corman is Joe Dante’s ‘The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes’

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In 1967, prolific independent producer/director Roger Corman gathered together a group of creative friends and filmmakers to research an upcoming movie project. Since the subject was LSD, the man behind such efforts as ‘The Little Shop of Horrors,’ ‘Bucket of Blood,’ and ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ decided a bit of “hands on research” was required. Retreating to a clifftop near California’s Big Sur, he and his fellow experimenters dropped acid in shifts, one group watching the other as they tripped and then came down. The process would then repeat with the others. The experiences they shared became the basis for his hit drug exploitation film ‘The Trip.’

Now former Corman collaborator and employee Joe Dante wants to use that event as the center for a story on the amazing moviemaker’s storied career – and it now looks like he’ll get the chance to do so. Using a script co-written by ‘Video Watchdog”s Tim Lucas, The Dissolve is reporting that the man behind ‘Piranha,’ ‘Gremlins,’ and ‘Innerspace’ has finally found funding for this unusual biopic. Saïd Ben Saïd will be producing the film through his company SBS Productions, and Corman himself on board for a which is being called a “cameo appearance.”

Back in 2007, Dante was pitching the proposed ‘The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes,’ to no avail. Even with interest from such diverse talents as Quentin Tarantino (who supposedly wanted to/wants to play screenwriter Charles Griffith) and Oscar winner Colin Firth (as Corman), no studio would step up and greenlight it. Now, with Saïd’s help, we might actually get a chance to celebrate this influential auteur, his unusual oeuvre, and, perhaps, some pointers on profitability. After all, it was Corman who entitled his autobiography ‘How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime.’

Source: The Dissolve

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