ESPN Has “No Plans’ For 4K Channel

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espn logoDuring the aborted revolution of 3D TV in the home, ESPN acted as something as a harbinger- it made a big investment in the technology early on, and then pulled the plug earlier this year, marking the 3D revolution’s effective end.

Don’t expect the Disney-owned sports media colossus to play the same role when it comes to the rollout of 4K/Ultra HD.

According to a report late last month in Satellite Magazine and its website, Via Satellite, ESPN has no plans to launch an Ultra HD channel:

  ESPN currently has no plans to produce a separate UHDTV channel, according to Chuck Pagano, executive vice president and CTO at ESPN in an exclusive interview In addition, satellite providers such as Dish and DirectTV, have not yet asked the network for an UHDTV channel, Pagano added.

Using dedicated 3D cameras and product equipment, ESPN ran a separate 3D channel for about three years, which it used to broadcast college football and basketball, as well as NBA and World Cup soccer games. The ESPN 3D channel was discontinued in June, with Disney citing “limited viewer adoption of 3D services to the home.”

(Hat tip to Azione Unlimited’s Richard Glikes for alerting us to this story.)



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