Shepard Smith Gets New, Earlier Fox News Role

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shepard smithWith Megyn Kelly moving into primetime on Fox News, there were some other changes that had to be made. The network has announced the first major one, Shepard Smith will leave his Fox Report slot in primetime. He’ll continue airing at 3 pm and have his presence there revamped to focus on breaking news.

Shepard Smith Reporting will debut this fall in a new studio as part of a reportedly very lucrative deal with the anchor. It includes making him managing editor of his own breaking news division that will provide content for TV and online. He’ll be able to break into any other Fox News show as news demands.

This move could help Fox draw a clearer distinction between its hard news programming and the opinions given by Kelly, Bill O’ Reilly and Sean Hannity. Smith said Fox News chief Roger Ailes is spending a lot of money to make all this happen and “disrupting the industry” in the process. A announcement of the complete primetime schedule is expected soon.

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