“Insidious: Chapter 2″ Dominates Weekend Box Office

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Insidious 2 screaming ghost

What a snitch…

Here is your box office report, complete with snarky commentary, for this past weekend. 

1.) Insidious: Chapter 2, $41M. Figured it would have a strong opening, but this number is borderline obscene–considering the movie cost $5 million to make. I’m pretty sure that in two years nothing but animated features and horror movies will be playing in multiplexes. And they will all be directed James Wan.

2.) The Family, $14.5M. I can picture the casting people having the following discussion.

“OK, we have to sign up the teenage daughter of Robert De Niro and a mobbed up Michelle Pfeiffer. Who ya got?”

“Let’s get the blonde chick from Glee. You know, the one who looks like the daughter in a 50s sitcom. She’d be perfect, and she’s, like, 27.”

“Call her agent RIGHT now!”

3.) Riddick, $7M. Sadly, this is not about the life of NBA three-point specialist J.J. Redick. Otherwise, I’d be so there.

4.) Lee Daniels’ The Butler$5.6M. In case you haven’t seen this guaranteed Oscar contender yet, it has the same exact ending as White House Down.  FYI: White House Down made only $73 million; The Butler just hit the $100 million mark.

5.) We’re the Millers, $5.4M. Another good return on investment. Cost was, according to IMDb, $37 million. With a little luck it will make $150 million at the box office.

Source: IMDb

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