Florida Invaded by Herpes-Infected Monkeys

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Good morning Florida! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy football and cookouts and nice fall weather?

Anyhow, welcome back to work. Also, your state is being invaded by monkeys with herpes.

According to this Yahoo! article, there are currently 1,000 feral Rhesus monkeys currently living in the Sunshine State. “Among those scooped up by wildlife officials over the years, most were found to be carriers of the Herpes B virus, and this week, the colony was declared a public health hazard.”

Florida Gators 11” Team Sock MonkeyAmazon ImageAmazon Image

Raw Story reports that “monkeys infected with the virus present either no or only mild symptoms, but in humans, can lead to hyperesthesias, ataxia, diplopia, agitation, ascending flaccid paralysis and death.”

“Ohhhh, that’s not good.”

It might come as a surprise that these monkeys are not escaped pets, at least for the most part. According to the Wild Florida Ecotravel Guide, “A well-established population of rhesus monkeys has existed along the Silver River in Central Florida for nearly 80 years. Depending on who you believe, the monkeys were either escapees from the 1933 filming of a Tarzan movie or intentionally released by the manager of the jungle cruise boat ride at Silver Springs.” So basically, many of these monkeys’ families have been Florida citizens longer than many of the humans who live there.

So Florida, making out with monkeys? Bad idea.



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  • Russet Burbank

    I am a potato and this terrifies me.