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And you thought it took a long time to solve MY murder

Paul McCartney is celebrating his 70th birthday, and the sixth anniversary of the events foretold in “When I’m Sixty-Four.”

AMC’s The Killing finally revealed the killer of Rosie Larson, roughly one year after I stopped watching (E! Online)

Speaking of older rock stars, 62-year-old Bruce Springsteen on Sunday performed the longest show of his career, playing for three hours and 48 minutes in Madrid.  (

TV critic Emily Nussbaum obliterates Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series The Newsroom (The New Yorker)

A German theater company has mounted a 24-hour-long stage adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s 1,079-page novel Infinite Jest (Slate)

All three Ricky Gervais-produced TV shows- The Ricky Gervais Show, Life’s Too Short and An Idiot Abroad- will soon go off the air (Radio Times)

Jack McBrayer- and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog- visit Chicago’s meanest hot dog stand (Team Coco)

A man who used to write for NYPD Blue is in trouble for punching a dog to death- and surprisingly, the writer isn’t Buzz Bissinger (Gawker)

In welcome news to the most hardcore of NFL video geeks, the “All 22″ game film will be publicly available for the first time beginning next season (Wall Street Journal)

In news akin to the aversion of a nuclear meltdown, Paramount has put the kibosh on Michael Bay’s planned reboot of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (Hollywood Reporter)

If you were worried the original wasn’t sanctimonious or politically forward enough, Glenn Beck is planning to produce a conservative version of Glee (New York Daily News)

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