Cyndi Lauper Returns to WWE for Monday Night Raw

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Rowdy Roddy Piper, Cyndi Lauper and Heath Slater

Twenty-seven years after helping start the “Rock N’ Wrestling” era in WWF history, Cyndi Lauper appeared on Monday Night Raw last night.

As the now-WWE builds to Raw’s 1000th episode in July, it’s bringing back some familiar faces from the past. Lauper’s eccentric style made her a perfect character for 80s wrestling. In what became a legendary celebrity appearance, heel “Rowdy” Roddy Piper crowned Lauper with her own gold record setting up a feud.  She did a lot to promote wrestling, even using longtime WWF manager Capt. Lou Albano as her dad in the video for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Super promoter Vince McMahon noticed all the mainstream media attention wrestling got from Lauper’s time in the ring.  Celebrities from all walks of life have been stopping by ever since. Everyone from Pete Rose to Drew Carey has appeared in WWE’s outlandish storylines, often at Wrestlemania, its biggest event of the year. These celebrity segments are hit or miss. When they go bad, they’re very bad. When they turn out right it’s something folks remember almost 30 years later, and that’s definitely the category Rock N’ Wrestling fits into.

Wendi Richter, a wrestler who Lauper managed back in the 80s was on Raw along with Piper. He thanked Lauper for everything she did for the business and presented her with a new gold record plaque. If you thought that plaque was making it through this segment alive, you probably don’t watch much wrestling.

Of course, a brash young superstar from the current WWE showed up.  The self-proclaimed “One Man Rock Band” Heath Slater tried to chase the legends out of the ring, and earned a record to his head from Lauper. This girl clearly still wants to have fun.

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