Howard Stern’s Howard TV Venture Ending in December

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howard sternAfter eight years, “King of All Media” Howard Stern is ending his pay-per-view TV efforts. Howard TV, available as a subscription service on Brighthouse, Comcast, Cox and Time Warner cable will end in December. Stern made the announcement on his radio show Monday. The channel aired videos of his Sirius XM radio show and other related content. He launched the channel after taking his act from mainstream radio to satellite. Before then, his radio tapings aired on the E! Network.

The radio and TV personality had promised to expand the channel’s offerings, but The Wrap reports that Howard TV staff have known since September. Hey, Stern’s a judge on America’s Got Talent now. While his selection got the expected protests from watchdog groups, viewers don’t mind him being around. These days, he seems about as shocking as Nick Cannon.

Whatever people think of Stern, his presence has changed the media landscape almost as much as he proclaims it has. Before he arrived, would anyone have believed a radio DJ could form the basis for a pay-per-view cable channel? He left a huge void in free radio after his exit, one that may have sealed the fate of the station where he found fame. Carter Alan, a former DJ at WBCN, has written a book called “Radio Free Boston: The Rise and Fall of WBCN.” He believes that while Stern made the station a lot of money and drew big ratings, it became dependent on the shock jock. Alan said listeners who tuned in for Stern’s show didn’t stick around for anything else on the station. When he left for satellite radio, those listeners did too.

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  • dylan chenier

    This article is not entirely correct. On monday Howard said that he is ending howard tv in December. He also said that they will be starting a revamped vetsion of howard tv that all will be able to acess. Possibly online? He said they will be able to make an announcement in the comming months.

  • Dick Shed

    Why refer people to The Wrap?!?!? That article is completely inaccurate. The writer of the story didn’t even bother listening to the show where Howard told the audience what was going on. If she had; A) she wouldn’t have written the article two days after the fact and would have gotten other specifics correct.

  • Alma sexton

    I am an elderly person that can’t go a lot of places ,my joy is every night that Howard is on I get so excited to watch his show,don’t mind paying the extra money ,,please make it available to us somewhere for the same price as comcast,I am very upset Ty alma

  • Harry Beaver

    Sara Morrison is a complete hack. Re-read this article in light of recent events. You’ll see how off she was in her so called “reporting”.

  • Bob

    Actually the Howard TV guys have been on twitter searching for a job. Doug Goodstein, Brian Phellan, and Scott DePace are all unemployed right now.

    So who knows…. the Stern Show itself might even end along with HTV.

  • @nal surprise

    Turns out the article was more correct than you thought. Over a year later, still no news about anything HowardTV related. It’s gone. Howard was just lying to get the heat off. He’s become the opposite of everything he once stood for.

    Sirius told him to take a pay cut, he said take HowardTV instead. Dude will be the last man on that team to sacrifice a dollar until he has to.

    • espo0ne

      Thank you… I do not envy anyone what they have with money that I have Howard Stern is exactly what America is made of pure greed and no Care for anyone else all these men and he has fired has been with his camp 8 – 15 years if that if not longer and he doesn’t seem to give two s**** what they are doing now cares about herself and nothing but himself and with this Mrs Turk in his camp some people need to just get over it he’s just a man who gives you a little bit of entertainment and now a days no entertainment just interviews that are bland and boring like I could give a s*** what Jennifer Aniston eat for dinner anyway oh well life goes on he doesn’t give a s*** then neither do I oh and PS everyone makes fun of that guy hanzi but he is 100% on the ball with everything he says to Howard and Stern cut him off also… What a pu$$y Stern is

      • @nal surprise

        Hanzi’s legitimately delusional & paranoid… his own parents will tell you that. However, I agree that he got cut off because he was getting too close to the truth in certain areas. And also because he goes on other shows to bash Howard, which is always a no-no in Sternville. Not even Bob Levy or Pat Cooper get away with that. Think Hanzi will?

        It’s been nearly a year since I wrote the comment you just responded to, and my opinion has not wavered one bit. Everyone is now starting to see it, too.

        In fact, I’d add that Stern is now to NYC Jews what Tom Cruise is to LA Scientologists. He’s completely rid himself of all “SPs” (suppressive persons, the term scientologists use for anyone that doesn’t believe in the religion).

        • espo0ne

          You’re right the funny thing is is I haven’t been listening to stern but I just caught on to the Artie Lange rant that he went on about Howard him and John Melendez so I’ve been googling everything and I was kind of curious of what was going on since I haven’t been a listener for so many years so that is crazy that I just replied now after so many years but you are right and hanzi is a nut… in all honesty I really don’t care it’s his life they’re all over 7 billion people on this earth and its only one life and many people become so entangled in one man’s life that has absolutely no worries when it comes financially which in this country means a lot so people see just worried about themselves and however the direction of the show goes it goes who cares you know what I mean it’s just entertainment it’s not going to save your life anyway be well thanks for the reply and a little bit more knowledge on the situation

          • @nal surprise

            It’s hard for me to just say “who cares” to matters of religion when I see what religion is responsible for in the world. A high concentration of ANY specific religion outcasting non-members will ALWAYS be bad for America, regardless of who it is. Religion isn’t supposed to affect commerce, yet it does. Constantly. Look at who show business is running out of their circle more closely, and who they’re bringing in.

            Sirius is now 99% Jewish. Even the Italians are being phased out of the company, for crying out loud. That doesn’t happen without reverse anti-semitism. Italians were always a good ally against the blacks for the Jews, but I’m slowly realizing that they will turn on ANYONE non-Jewish once they’re done with you.

  • @nal surprise

    Over a year later, still no HowardTV… no one even talks about the possibility of it ever coming back, so… again, how was she off?