Arsenio Hall To Launch New Talk Show in 2013

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Pump your fists in the air, and save some of that for the band. Because Arsenio-oooooo Hall is coming back to the late night talk show circuit in Fall 2013. Hall revealed the news on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.

Morgan allowed Hall to guest host earlier this year, interviewing Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie about the 20th year anniversary of his HIV announcement. Hall thanked Morgan for the opportunity, saying it allowed people to see he could still do it.

Hall also owes thanks to Donald Trump. A victory on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice helped him back into the national spotlight. Thanks to reality TV, Hall’s verbal smackdown on Apprentice contestant Aubrey O’Day probably had more impact than his interview with Johnson. It’s a sign of the times. He told Morgan things could have gone very badly. Had Trump fired him two weeks in, he would have likely been a punchline for the current group of late-night hosts. Right after his win, there was talk that Hollywood was interested in having Hall question celebs again.

CBS Television Distribution, the same company that produced Hall’s talker from 1989-94 announced the news. It will be a syndicated talk show airing Mondays through Fridays. Before his first talk show ended, Hall infamously threatened to “kick Jay Leno’s ass” in the ratings. Taking into account Leno’s popularity these days, Arsenio still has a good shot at doing so.

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