What Is The Impossible Project?

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We’ve heard a lot over the past decade about the preservation of analog vinyl LP manufacturing. A similar phenomenon is occurring in the world of analog photography, spearheaded by an organization called The Impossible Project.


Five years ago, the group, led by Florian “Doc” Kaps and André Bosman, purchased the last Polaroid instant film production plant, located in Enschede, Netherlands. The Impossible Project then assembled a team of 10 former Polaroid employees and began to invent and produce new and unique instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras. By 2010, Impossible says, it “saved analog instant photography from extinction” by releasing such films for the estimated 300 million “perfectly functioning” Polaroid cameras out there. The high-minded goal? To keep “variety, tangibility and analog creativity and possibilities alive.”px70opa

The Impossible Project faced what seemed to be impossible challenges. For example, the original Polaroid color dyes were no longer available, so they had to completely reinvent the Polaroid film system. In April 2010, Impossible released its Silver Shade monochromatic film, which currently consists of the PX 100 Silver Shade for Polaroid SX 70 cameras, PX 600 Silver Shade for Polaroid 600 cameras and PZ 600 Silver Shade for the wide format in Polaroid Image/Spectra 1200 cameras.

Three months later, Impossible released its first color film–“quite a miracle considering that not even the most optimistic experts believed in the re-invention of the highly complex instant color system,” says Impossible. PX 70 Color Shade FF is compatible with Polaroid SX 70 and 600 camera models.

Check out The Impossible Project online store to buy all kinds of film and gear. And if you’re in New York, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw or Tokyo, check out their physical stores!

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    Impossible of course also have their own store, where you get a much better shopping experience than when shopping at Amazon: