Matt Bomer is Montgomery Clift in New Biopic of the Late, Great Star

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He was a determined Method actor turned matinee idol. He rivaled Marlon Brando as one of the greatest talents of his generation, only to have a car accident destroy his face and his psyche. Before he turned to drugs and gave into depression, Montgomery Clift was one of the few successful stage actors ever to make the leap to motion pictures, and would have been far more successful had he not been so picky about his projects.

Even then, he was part of such memorable movies as ‘A Place in the Sun,’ ‘The Misfits,’ ‘From Here to Eternity’ and ‘Suddenly, Last Summer. ‘ Still, he was haunted by his injuries, leading famed acting coach Robert Lewis to note that Clift’s latter years were “longest suicide in Hollywood history.” He died of a heart attack in 1966 at age 45.

Now writer Christopher Lovick and director Larry Moss are looking to make Clift’s story into a big screen biopic, and they’ve chosen their leading man. According to, the duo have picked Matt Bomer to be their cinematic stand-in, and by his chiseled good looks alone, the guys may have something here. Rumor has it that the ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘Chuck’ co-star was in the lead to play Superman when Brett Ratner was in charge of the reboot, and with hundreds of horny female fans making the case for his casting in ’50 Shades of Grey’ (he eventually lost out to ‘Sons of Anarchy”s Charlie Hunnam), his star is certainly on the rise.

Of course, none of this suggests that Bomer is equipped to play Clift. Depending on the approach Lovick and Moss take, we could be in for a superficial whitewash or a very complicated and complete overview of the man. Of course, it will be interesting to see how they treat the various rumors and innuendos that dogged the actor over the years, as well as who will be cast to play the multitude of famous faces – Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Shelley Winters – that he acted and associated alongside. We’ll say it again…Bomer looks that part. Here’s hoping he has the chops to take on such a difficult task.


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