Concert Review: Vampire Weekend Owned the Mann Center

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Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to finally see Vampire Weekend live. This came as a result of buying the tickets the minute they want online, so a special thanks to my trigger finger for the quick reaction time. Even better, Vampire Weekend graced the stage of my favorite venue, Philadelphia’s The Mann Center.

Vampire Weekend tour Mann Center

After an opening set from Sky Ferreira, the band finally took the stage as the moonlight glowed upon the eager audience. In the Vampire Weekend fashion, their stage design was comprised of a giant floral background, four Greek columns and a large Victorian-style mirror.

The band opened with their new song “Diane Young” from their latest album, Modern Vampires of the City. And from that moment on, we were all hooked. They played a lot of songs from the new album such as “Everlasting Arms” and “Ya Hey”. And thankfully, they also played some of their early hits from their album Vampire Weekend such as “Oxford Comma”, “Campus” and “A-Punk”. Do you see what I did there? (Hint: I didn’t use an Oxford Comma because in the words of Vampire Weekend, “who gives a f*ck about an Oxford Comma?)

Vampire Weekend tour Mann CenterAnd there was quite a lot from their second album Contra such as “Cousins”, “Horchata”, “California English”, “Holiday”, and “Giving Up the Gun”.

Naturally the band couldn’t leave without a proper encore and after much applause the band delivered just that.

First, they played my new favorite song, “Hannah Hunt”. Sure, half of the reason I love the song is because it contains my name which never makes it into any songs. But it’s also an awesome song, and it was awesome live.

Second, they played “One (Blake’s Got a New Face)” which they turned into a sing-along. According to Ezra Koenig, they played that same song the last time they played in Philadelphia. Ah nostalgia!

Vampire Weekend tour Mann Center


Finally, the band performed their ever-popular “Walcott” which they mentioned is always their closing song since it has a special place in their hearts.

Koenig wrapped up the show by saying, “”I was nervous before the first night of our big tour, but you guys have given us such a warm welcome.”

Excuse me while my heart melts. You did great, guys!

I’d stand in cold grass all night for you guys any day!


“Diane Young”

“White Sky”

“Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”

“Finger Back”





“Everlasting Arms”


“California English”


“Boston (Ladies of Cambridge)”

“Ya Hey”


“Oxford Comma”

“Giving Up the Gun”

“Obvious Bicycle”


“Hannah Hunt”

“One (Blake’s Got a New Face)”


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