Broad Street Bullies Headed to Big Screen

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Who will play Bobby Clarke? I vote for McConaughey

In a picture that has a very strong chance to become both the second-best movie about hockey in the ’70s and about Philadelphia sports in 1976, a feature film is reportedly in the works about the hard-hitting, double-Stanley Cup-winning Philadelphia Flyers of 1975-’76.

“Broad Street Bullies,” the team’s nickname, is also the proposed title for the film, which will be written and directed by rocker-turned-auteur Rob Zombie. Zombie has obtained both the rights and the cooperation of Flyers organization; he told Deadline that the project reminds him of “Rocky meets Boogie Nights on ice.” Which might make things tough for Rollergirl.

HBO aired a documentary about the team last year, also called “Broad Street Bullies.”

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