JT’s The 20/20 Experience Fully Released

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Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience

Have you felt like you have been missing a little JT in your life recently?

Worry no more. Pop star Justin Timberlake has officially shared his entire album, The 20/20 Experience, with fans. The second part of the two-part project accompanied with fellow celebrity and producer Timberland was released this Monday. Timberlake’s team tweeted about the event, letting fans know that it would be streaming for free on iTunes the week following its release. The album will be available in its entirety tomorrow, September 30th. Before part one came out (and on it hit singles like Mirrors), Timberlake has been on a seven-year hiatus, not that you would know that from watching television lately. It seems like the singer has been more popular than ever, with regular appearances of SNL and starring roles in rom-coms like Friends With Benefits (2011). Timberlake can’t seem to steer clear of the microphone, either. He just finished his tour with Jay-Z, as a self-proclaimed “legend of the summer.”

The Rolling Stone called The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 “catchy, but the emphasis is on rhythm and flow.” I can’t say I’m too surprised. If there’s one thing JT knows, it’s flow. His music always works, but rhythm always overrules the lyrics.

Still can’t get enough? Maybe some moon walking and that black skinny tie we know and love will help. Timberlake will be touring starting October 31st to promote the album.

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