Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan Heading to Battle Creek

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Vince Gilligan Battle Creek

Now that Breaking Bad is about to end on Sunday, creator Vince Gilligan is looking towards future projects. We already know what about the Better Call Saul spinoff, but now it seems Gilligan will collaborate with House creator David Shore to create Battle Creek.

CBS has already ordered 12 episodes of the show which will follow two detectives with conflicting world views who partner up to take on crime in Battle Creek, Michigan. Sounds a little bit like The Other Guys

According to Empire Online:

Gilligan dreamt up the idea back in 2002 and began to develop it when Walter White was but a twinkle in his eye. Apparently the script hung around on the desk of CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler and now, with Breaking Bad ending as the most talked-about show in the world, Gilligan is a much sought-after talent with added clout.

Since Gilligan will be heavily involved in Better Call Saul, he will be less involved in Battle Creek, producing and directing some episodes while Shore does the rest.  Regardless, it’s exciting to know that Gilligan will still be creating.

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