DVD Review: Ancient Aliens Season 5 Volume 1

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ancient aliens season 5 volume 1It’s actually kind of amazing that “Ancient Aliens” has hung on this long, but here it is, all the way up to season five. Our friends out at the History Channel sent over a copy of “Ancient Aliens: Season 5 Volume 1” for us to review, and the aliens–not to mention the researchers around same–are back in the grandest style with all sorts of new possibilities.

“Ancient Aliens: Season 5 Volume 1″ once again takes us to all corners of the world and beyond to talk about times when intelligent life may or may not have visited Earth. While considering these topics, also on the list are what impact aliens may have had on the development of human technology, religions, and landmarks, some of all of the above remain to this very day. There’s a little something different with every episode, however, and there will always be a new possibility to consider.

What’s immediately clear, though, is that suspension of disbelief is going to be pushed to the edge and beyond on this one. “Ancient Aliens” pretty much operates as the memes surrounding the most notable of “Ancient Aliens” figures, Giorgio Tsoukalos, suggests: They’re not saying it’s aliens, but it’s aliens. Watching the show is enough to make one quickly point out questions that should be asked yet never are, like when they ask: “Who were they?” or “Why were they here?”, no one ever follows it up with “Were they ever here?” or “Are they even real?”.

But then, that’s half the point of this exercise. These are all, by the look of it, just theories. Note how many times in a typical episode someone uses the word “believe”, “may”, “could”, or a similar couching phrase; you’ll get tired of counting them all really quickly. Starting a drinking game around this concept could prove fatal, it happens that often. They raise a lot of interesting points, but there’s still a ton of couching going on here, and it’s going to be shaky at best. But still, the possibilities are particularly interesting, and likely worth considering on at least some level.

Special features here include English subtitles, as well as trailers for “Mountain Men Season One,” “The Darkest Hour,” and “Swamp People.”

“Ancient Aliens: Season 5 Volume 1″ is going to be a tough affair to recommend, and almost as tough to not. It’s likely to prove distinctly unsatisfying to viewers, especially for those hoping for a more conclusive look at things. But for those who are cool with the thought of entertaining a lot of speculation, then the people involved here will bring you all the speculation you can handle and then some. It’s going to get weird in here. And if you’re game for the ride, then you’re going to have a wild time on your hands.

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