‘Frozen’ Trailer: Did Someone Order a ‘Snow White’ Ripoff With a Touch of ‘Tangled’?

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frozenIt’s been a lousy year for animated movies, no doubt about it and not unlike the last couple of years, which saw the rather trite “Rango” and utterly unoriginal “Brave” each take home an Oscar.

But when Disney debuted the super-cute, super-funny and super-original teaser trailer for “Frozen”, our hopes of not seeing the bland “Monsters University” getting accolades for… well, not being completely dreadful rekindled.

Now the first proper, full-length “Frozen” trailer is here and alas, the optimism is fading. I could even go so far as to say the 150-second clip is, puts on glasses, glacial.

Sorry for the pun, but I’m really pissed at Disney and especially Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Shane Morris, the directors and writers that worked in the past at such instant classics as “Pocahontas”, “Tarzan” and “Wreck-It Ralph” (the only ray of sunshine on a bleak 2012 for animations).

Back to “Frozen”, it’s not that the trailer isn’t the least bit amusing or entertaining. In fact, the talking snowman and moose still look like show-stealers. But at least one of them (I’ll let you guess which) is an obvious rip-off of another unexpected star of a much too recent animated hit, “Tangled”.

Plus, the storyline looks so done to death before, so lacking in heart and style that I’m almost starting to think the ideas for another “Toy Story” sequel and a “Finding Dory” are not so very bad. Seriously, I prefer something that makes it clear from the beginning it’s a rehash over a “re-imagining of a classic fairy tale” that ends up more clichéd and stereotypical than the original. Don’t you?

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  • Evelin

    Although the trailer doesn’t reveal it, the story and the film characters are pretty complicated. I still have high hopes for this film, and I can’t wait to see it.

  • Russell

    You write this now, but I suspect you’ll be eating your pixelated words once you see the whole movie. I do believe Disney’s got a few aces up its sleeves.

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