MC Serch to Host Talk Show, Generation Xers Suddenly Feel Ancient

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MC Serch Talk Show

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve faced a problem–small or life-altering–and thought to myself, What would one of the guys who sang “Pop Goes the Weasel”–no, not the one with the cane–do?

CBS is hoping millions of home-bound souls feel the same way. The network’s syndicated programming arm and Tribune Co.’s TV stations will soon test-run a daytime talk show called “Serch,” where rapper MC Serch helps guests solve their problems via street smarts and his “unconventional background,” Variety reports.

What unconventional background? Well, as part of 3rd Bass, MC Serch was one of the first white rappers the public embraced. The group’s biggest hit was 1991’s insanely catchy “Pop Goes the Weasel,” which also gave the group street cred–they eventually opened for Public Enemy. And MC Serch remained heavily involved in rap as a producer, DJ, and TV host.

Serch will air for four weeks in eight major markets, including New York and Philadelphia, starting in January. If that doesn’t work, the producers can always try a baseball memorabilia show with Prime Minister Pete Nice. Or maybe not. 

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