The Funny or Die ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-off Huell’s Rules is a Must See

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Huell Funny or Die

As most of you know, Breaking Bad will be coming to a close this Sunday. TRY TO HOLD YOUR TEARS! I know, it’s going to be a tough couple of months for us as we try to find the next best thing to fill the void. Without Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, where are we to turn?

We’ve already been told about the Better Call Saul spinoff but Funny or Die is taking it upon themselves to give us another spinoff, Huell’s Rules. And as you guessed, it’s about the always entertaining Huell the body guard.

The story picks up with Huell still stuck at the safe house waiting for Hank to show up. The spinoff is replete with Heisenberg references and now you get to meet the whole Huell Babineaux family.

Check it out here:

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