‘Paranormal Activity 5′ Promotes from Within for Its Director

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Paranormal Activity

Yes, ‘Paranormal Activity 5′ is a reality (where there’s cash, there’s copycatting) and for those of you eager to see your favorite filmmaker taking up the mantel of this miserable excuse for a horror franchise, think again. Following the example set by ‘Saw’ (including the desire to comply with the otherwise unnecessary law of diminishing returns each time out), the fifth outing for this clueless camcorder creepshow is promoting from within. That’s right, according to Cinema, editor Gregory Plotkin will make his feature film debut, after working behind the scenes on the last three installments. He’s also been involved with mainstream releases from Michael Mann (‘The Insider’) and Peter Berg (‘Friday Night Lights’).

Plotkin will be working from (and reworking) a script by newbies Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman. Their potential pedigree arrives via Michael Bay, who hired to duo to write a found footage film entitled ‘Almanac’ for his Platinum Dunes. They then went on to create another first person POV effort for the King of Cinematic Excess entitled ‘Raindrop,’ this time in the science fiction genre, so clearly, someone thinks they have talent. Either that, or they work cheap and have some scandalous pictures of Bay located in a secret vault somewhere. No word yet on where the storyline will go. We’ve already had a prequel, a pair of continuations from where the first film left off, and a lot of mixed up mythology.

In fact, it’s safe to say that no other franchise has milked more out of a single stupid premise than this one. The first film was 89 minutes of something going “bump” in the night before a final 60 seconds of fright flick mayhem. The second film was a little more lively in the scares department, but equally irritating in the “significant lack of story or character” arena. Part Three tried to explain everything, and Part Four…well, who knows, since I didn’t see it. Still, one imagines there is only so much you can do with the surveillance/webcam/wannabe documentarian ideal and a bunch of “BOOS!”, so here’s hoping Plotkin, Pagan, and Deutschman can find a reason for us horror fans to care. We’ve got a whole year to wait and see how things shake out (‘Paranormal Activity 5′ is set to open October 24, 2014).

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