The 10 Greatest Arrested Development Buster Gifs to Celebrate Tony Hale’s Birthday

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Happy Birthday, Tony Hale! While you’ve made a name for yourself in places besides Arrested Development such as Veep, (sidenote: my grandmother had a role on one episode) we can’t help but stick to the classic Buster gifs to celebrate your joyous birthday. The lovable hook-handed Bluth brother from Arrested Development is just too difficult to pass up on a day like this, so I invite all of you to celebrate with me. Thus, I present to you the 10 Greatest Buster Gifs, each one more special than the last…just like Buster.

1) Who better to show you how to celebrate than Buster himself: 

Buster Tony Hale

2) First, you do a little stop, drop and roll action:

Buster Tony Hale

3) Then you do a little dance: 

BusterGif5 Tony Hale

4) And another dance:

BusterGif10 Tony Hale

5) And strut your stuff:

BusterGif9 Tony Hale

6) Act like a diva if someone forgets a gift:

BusterGif7 Tony Hale

7) Or even worse, your birthday:

BusterGif8 Tony Hale

8) Just be sure your comebacks are snappy:

BusterGif Tony Hale

9) And that you’re always being observant: BusterGif6 Tony Hale

10) Don’t be too hard on yourself, Buster. Your birthday will come again next year:

BusterGif3 Tony Hale

Now let the good times roll!

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