Good Guy Colbert Saves Wedding After Government Shutdown

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As if I couldn’t love you any more than I do, Stephen Colbert. You’ve probably heard that the United States government is in…well, a shutdown. A literal shutdown. And as such, no federal government-owned properties are opened…including the national monuments. As a result, all the weddings that were planned to take place at those monuments can’t happen.

There were at least 24 couples with October weddings planned who were informed that those weddings won’t happen during the government shutdown. But leave it to Stephen Colbert to try and make things right for one couple. Since Colbert has a ministry certification (which he earned online) he was able to officiate the nuptials of Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le on last night’s show in a segment titled “The 2013 Government Shutdown Wedding of the Century.” And I think it’s safe to say he gave this couple a wedding they’ll never forget.

colbert government shutdown wedding

Firstly, he has the groom and his groomsmen come to the stage for an impromptu bachelor party filled with 30 seconds of shots and a “Bros before Hos” pump-up. Then, he has the bridesmaids come out for literally the same thing except with a “Hos Before Bros” statement and a five second stripper tease from Colbert himself. But like Colbert said, it’s a family show…

Since the best man apparently couldn’t make it, Colbert has Smoky the Bear fill in since he too is out of a job during the government shutdown. And super cute…Colbert has the Jefferson Memorial set as the background since that was where the couple’s first date took place. AWWWS AND OOOHS! It’s okay to be chopping onions right now, readers.


Colbert manages to help the bride over her cold feet and MaiLien walks down the aisle carrying the prized…wait, you’ll just have to see for yourselves.

Special guests are included with a fabulous performance of “White Wedding” by a FIVE TIME TONY AWARD WINNER.

See for yourself below:

And Part 2:

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