’24: Live Another Day’ To Film In London

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jack bauerJack Bauer is heading into the territory generally patrolled by another famous secret agent. Limited series 24: Live Another Day will film in London. The Fox series has taped outside the U.S. before. In 2008, the movie 24: Redemption, filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.

The location shift to England is very appropriate. Fox is adopting the limited run style of season made popular by British shows. During 24s original run on Fox, the nature of its “one day” storytelling was integral to its success. This time, it will only be a 12 episode limited series. The network hopes a shorter dose of fighting terrorism will make it appointment viewing again. How will the timeline change? Are we going to see the worst half-day of Jack Bauer’s life?

The production also announced Friday that Kim Raver and William Devane, who played a Jack love interest and her father, respectively, in the show’s middle seasons, will return for “Live Another Day.” 

Kiefer Sutherland’s character was a fugitive when 24 ended. Even while on the run, he still finds time to protect America from terrorist threats. If this return does well, the network is open to a few more hectic days with Jack Bauer.

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