Fox Renews Sleepy Hollow For Second Season

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sleepy hollowSleepy Hollow is the first fall show to earn a pick up for next season, thanks to strong ratings and decent word of mouth. Fox is promoting the series as the network’s most successful new drama since 24.

Based, very loosely, on the original work of Washington Irving,  Sleepy Hollow will run 13 weeks, continuing the limited series trend. The latest 24 installment will run shorter than a normal network show as well when it debuts next year. British TV pioneered this trend, and American cable channels adopted it. Broadcast networks are now realizing that less is often more in terms of keeping viewers intrigued.

The supernatural drama’s premise is loopy on paper. The Headless Horseman arises in modern day Sleepy Hollow, and thanks to some magic mojo Ichabod Crane does too. He learns that the Headless Horseman is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Helping Crane is Abbie Mills, a police detective who knows in her gut something is wrong, but is still having a hard time accepting all the crazy.

That wild concept is driving the conversation about the show. Fox Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly called it “a conceptual blast unlike anything else on television.” Millions of viewers agree.

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