Casey Affleck Wants to Direct Josh Hamilton Biopic

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Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton, the star outfielder for the Texas Rangers, went from being addicted to crack to one of baseball’s best players. Does that sound like movie material?

Well, the tattooed slugger thinks so. According to Deadline:

Hamilton has entrusted his rights to producer Basil Iwanyk and Thunder Road Pictures to be shopped for a feature that will be written and directed by Casey Affleck. Iwanyk has partnered with Kevin Walsh and The Walsh Company on the film, which he and Affleck will pitch to the town shortly.

Without question, Hamilton’s life is ideal for the big screen. (Read the Deadline story: Seriously, the man should be dead or living in an alley.)

But two things give me pause. First, Hamilton is still playing. Second, he’s already fallen from sobriety, which Deadspin documented a few years back. Can’t this project wait a few years? Because it would be extremely problematic for the film–not to mention the lives of Hamilton and his loved ones–if there was a fall from grace before or during the film’s release.

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