CBS Nixes ‘We Are Men’, Replaces It with ‘Big Bang Theory’ Reruns

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We Are MenWe Are Men, one of the fall’s new CBS comedy series, had everything it needed to succeed… on paper.

A creator with a big name and solid track record, Rob Greenberg (Frasier, How I Met Your Mother), an often magic-working executive producing duo, Eric and Kim Tannenbaum (Two and a Half Men) and a cast featuring some pretty funny guys: Kal Penn, aka Kumar, Tony Shalhoub of the hit show Monk and Jerry O’ Connell (“Jerry Maguire”, Sliders).

Not to mention the backing of a network that’s currently clocking in roughly 20 million viewers a week for a little sitcom called The Big Bang Theory.

But you know what We Are Men lacked right off the bat? A fresh or even mildly amusing premise. A script that didn’t look like a rehash of dozens of other similarly themed comedies. And humor in general. Which is why only 6.6 million people turned their attention to the show’s premiere, with an abysmal 5.4 mil sticking for the second episode.

And lo and behold, CBS quickly decided to clean up the mess and pull the plug. After only two episodes. Too bad for Tony Shalhoub, who’s really struggling to nab a decent, steady small-screen gig following Monk’s cancellation, but I can’t say I have any regrets about the other people involved in the project. Again, it was simply not funny.

Now, as you’d expect, this kind of puts CBS on the spot, but luckily, they have a wild card in their pocket. Mike & Molly will return for a fourth season on November 4 and occupy the 9 p.m. slot currently covered by 2 Broke Girls.

That particular show will be aired starting next week, on the 14th, at 8:30, following How I Met Your Mother, while the 9 p.m. slot will be temporarily filled in by Big Bang Theory reruns. Who wants to bet even repeats of TBBT will rake in at least 10 million viewers?

Via [Hollywood Reporter]

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