Heisenberg Wore a Phillies Shirt: ‘Breaking Bad’ Photo Draws Reaction

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Over the course of the recently concluded five-season run of Breaking Bad, and especially towards the end, there was much consideration into the question of whether or not the protagonist, Bryan Cranston’s Walter White aka Heisenberg, was likable, and the way many fans of the show liked him, regardless of how vicious and murderous he got.

With the series off the air, we now know that there was one act so off-putting and beyond-the-pale that Vince Gilligan and Co. couldn’t bring themselves to show Walt doing it:

Cranston Philies

Yes, a tweet posted earlier this week by Thomas Schnauz, a longtime writer for the show,  included a photo of Cranston-as-White wearing a white Phillies home jersey, on the set of one of the series’ best episodes, Season 3’s “One Minute.” Schnauz added that the scene was not used in the actual series because “we realized that would make him too unlikable.” 

The quote, as you can imagine, didn’t go over particularly well among Phillies fans, and when local comedian Jay Black reached out to Schnauz, prior to a scheduled appearance by Black on local radio station WIP, he got the word that the writer, a New Jersey native, supports the rival New York Mets:

There is some good news for Phils fans, however: The Phillies organization tweeted an invitation to Cranston throw out the first pitch prior to a game next season- and Schnauz replied that Cranston, despite hailing from Southern California, is actually a Phillies fan.

Walter White may have made and sold crystal meth, murdered dozens of people, blown up a nursing home, poisoned a little boy, and gotten his own brother-in-law killed, but apparently cheering for the Phillies was a bridge too far.

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