Box Office Report: Brave Hits Bullseye

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Here’s your box office report for this past weekend (complete with snarky commentary):

1.) Brave, $66.7. All that talk of this being the worst of the Pixar (or Disney-Pixar) movies really put a dent in its opening weekend, huh?

2.) “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted,” $20.2M.  The animated feature had a reported budget of $145 million, a figure that blows my mind. Has now grossed $158 million at the box office.

3.) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, $16.5M.  You just know that someone is going to construe this as fact and write a paper for their 10th grade history class based on this movie. And when that does happen, the Associated Press story will be everywhere.

4.) “Prometheus,” $10.0M. Can anyone remember the last time Charlize Theron played a character who was remotely happy?

5.) “Snow White and the Huntsman,” $8.01M. That little extra pushes the musical disaster “Rock of Ages” out of the top 5 and into the $5 DVD rack at CVS.


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