Meg Ryan Signs Up for NBC Comedy Series, Because Let’s Party Like It’s 1993

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Meg RyanIt’s been more than two decades since Meg Ryan last had a (semi) steady TV gig (close to three, if you don’t count animations), but when your bread-earning blonde hair and blue eyes are impossible to notice due to atrocious plastic surgery work, you’re left with no other option than partnering up with NBC for a comedy series.

Sounds gruesome, I know, but at least the yet to be titled half-hour sitcom will be single-camera and thus likely missing a laugh track. Not that it automatically makes it a must-watch show.

On the bright side, Ryan is set to both star in and executive produce the comedy, so she must have a lot of faith in the project. Marc Lawrence, nominated for an Emmy back in 1987 (oh, come on), is on board as a writer and EP, with his recent credits recommending the upcoming NBC series for a swift, We Are Men-style cancellation: “Miss Congeniality 2”, “Music and Lyrics”, “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”.

Like Meg Ryan though, Lawrence used to be a pretty big kahuna, penning the first “Miss Congeniality”, as well as “Two Weeks Notice”, a (barely) tolerable chick flick. Now if only NBC could nab Hugh Grant or Tom Hanks to star opposite Ryan. How about Billy Crystal? Surely Andy Garcia is available…

Via [The Wrap]

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