‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Comic Book Faves Abraham and Eugene

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the walking deadWhen The Walking Dead announced the casting of Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, readers of the comic figured her friends Abraham and Eugene would be along soon. Josh McDermitt, a former contestant on Last Comic Standing who appeared on TV Land’s Retired at 35 will play Eugene. He’s a former high school teacher who sports an impressive mullet. Showrunner Scott Gimple has confirmed Eugene will be business in front and party in the back on the TV adaptation. Though he goes out of his way to appear ordinary, he’s actually quite smart and gifted in improvising weapons.

Playing Army Sgt. Abraham Ford is Southland vet Michael Cudlitz. He’s the most physical part of the trio, and they wouldn’t have lasted this long without him. AMC’s version often goes a different way than the book, but it apparently will introduce these three characters in a similar fashion. In the comic story, their arrival takes place before The Hunters, humans who have turned to cannibalism to survive.

SPOILERS for Season 4 of The Walking Dead to follow!


Humans can be an even bigger problem than the zombies, as Creepy Clara and “Eddie” reminded us last night. There’s also a serious illness spreading. The Governor is still out there somewhere, although Michonne is doing her best to hunt him down. Things are bleak, but that’s what we love about this show. Anyone can die at any time.

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