Calvin and Hobbes in the News: Ebooks and a Kickstarter Movie on the Way

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The last Calvin and HobbesCalvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson retired the strip in December of 1995- with the classic strip at right- and in the nearly 20 years since, the reclusive cartoonist has stuck with both his retirement and his pledge to never merchandise the characters for toys or movie or TV adaptations.

The beloved strip ran for only ten years and has now been gone for much longer than it was here. However, there is some good news for Calvin and Hobbes fans this week.

First of all, as our sister site Teleread reported, several of the Calvin and Hobbes collections are coming to the ebook format for the first time. The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes and The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes will all arrive Nov. 12 for $12.99 each, through Universal Uclick.

In addition, we told you in the spring about a Kickstarter effort to fund a film about the strip and its influence on a generation of both children and artists. The film, titled “Dear Mr. Watterson,” has now reached nearly twice its $50,000 funding goal, and the creators this week released a new trailer for the film:

 There’s almost certainly never going to be new Calvin and Hobbes material. But these projects make it clear that Watterson’s work remains influential and loved.

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