Mix The Rock with ‘2012’ and What Do You Get? ‘San Andreas’

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There is no bigger star in action currently than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (and we mean that literally as well as figuratively – have you seen the guns on this guy??? WOW!). He’s sometimes called a franchise saver, since he brought both G.I. Joe and the “Fast and Furious” genre back from the brink – though I don’t remember anyone asking for the former to be salvaged, come to think of it. He’s made family films, comedies, and even taken some stabs at drama, but working the stunt for cinematic adrenaline junkies seems to be his current career modus. Heck, he even made Michael Bay’s pitiful ‘Pain and Gain‘ semi-watchable. See, the man can work miracles!

Now, the artist still slumming around his former WWE haunts every once in a while is now being pursued to star in ‘San Andreas,’ a new disaster thriller from New Line Cinema. Helmed by that known quantity of edge of your seat thrills, Brad Peyton (don’t all say “WHO?” at once – he worked with The Rock on the oddball ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ sequel, ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’), the story centers on a man traversing an earthquake ravaged California looking for his missing daughter. From this set-up alone, it sounds like someone wants to channel Roland Emmerich’s cheese classic ‘2012’ while adding in a bit of biological bait to bring the post-adolescent audience in.

Now, no one is going to mistake Johnson for the true cinematic heroes from the ’80s. He lacks Stallone’s seriousness, Van Damme’s agility, and Schwarzenegger’s swagger. He does have the former Governor’s goofy self-effacing qualities, however, which do add up to something in today’s irony laced media, but he has yet to give a real performance. He’s all muscles and machismo, which is apparently all an action star needs in 2013. Until he officially signs on, ‘San Andreas’ will be a “wait and see” proposition. While it can never top Emmerich’s ultimate Irwin Allen imitation, The Rock at least offers some pumped up promise.

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