James Earl Jones, Malcolm McDowell Spar in Sprint Commercial

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James Earl Jones, one of the greatest actors of the 20th century, hasn’t appeared on-screen in a movie since he played a small part in the Martin Lawrence comedy “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” in 2008. But that doesn’t mean he’s done acting.

Jones, along with fellow Grand Old Actor Malcolm McDowell, appears in a new commercial for Sprint, which is billed as a re-enactment of a phone call between “Mr. and Mrs. Lewis”:

The commercial represents a shift for Jones in that for years he was the voice of commercials for Sprint’s rival, Verizon, and before that for Verizon’s predecessor company, Bell Atlantic.

But McDowell, according to an Adweek story about the campaign, had never before appeared in a commercial. It appears “A Clockwork Orange” made him toxic to Madison Avenue for a few decades.

James Earl Jones’ IMDB page lists a pair of 2013 films called “Gimme Shelter” and “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.” It’s unclear if Jones’ voice talents will be needed for any of the upcoming “Star Wars” movies.

Jones’ “This is CNN” introduction was brought back to CNN earlier this year, which was a much better-advised return-to-glory for the news network than, say, the return of Crossfire. 

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  • Nepherhead

    It’s just great to see JEJ still working. You go man!

  • sue

    I agree & a great pairing w/Malcolm!

  • searl

    I love this commercial. Brilliant.

  • Mark H

    Think about this? They are debating about friending…both of these guys played characters that are in many lists as the greatest villians ever to grace the big screen

  • Toni Tackett

    I don’t speak twitter so can someone translate the meaning of what they are saying please?

  • http://Sprint Maureen Palmer

    What are Malcolm McDowell and James Earl Jones saying in the commercial “between friends” discussing the “hottie” guy?

  • Jason

    Totes magoats =totally
    Cray= crazy
    Hope this helps….

  • Darla Murphy

    Love,love,love these commercials! They make a great team!so funny!