TV Trailer: The Franchise

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A crazy, quotable manager. Garish uniforms and an even more garish new stadium. A new cast of big-money players, including two stars who both play shortstop. A widely-loathed, art-collecting owner. South Beach. The 2012 Miami Marlins have it all, and luckily Showtime has had cameras there to film every minute.

The trailer has appeared for The Franchise, Showtime and Major League Baseball’s answer to HBO and the NFL’s Hard Knocks, and this year the show is in Miami to cover the Marlins, after it followed the San Francisco Giants last year.  The recent suspension of the team’s manager, Ozzie Guillen, for praising Fidel Castro is certain to come up a time or two:

The show debuts Saturday, April 21.

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    Should be a lot of fun to watch. Hanley’s starting to swing the way a Superstar should swing, Johnson had a JJ-esque outing tonight and for the most part, the guys are starting all to perform at a level that is expected of them.