Louis CK Selling Tour Tickets Online

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Louie CK

Louis CK already shook up the comedy special business model once, selling last year’s “Live at the Beacon Theater” set for $5 on his website. Now, he’s bringing his act directly to the fans in another way.

The comedian announced Tuesday that he will sell tickets to his next tour directly from his website, and only from his website. The model, which cuts TicketMaster and other middlemen out of the action, will price tickets at $45 (tax included) across the board. CK also said that all ticket holders who sell their tickets for above face value will have their tickets canceled.

The tour will run from October through February, and dates are here. 

This year, I’m trying something new, building on the fun, success and fan-benefit of selling my content online,” CK wrote on the site. “I only wanted to do this if there was a way, like with LIVE AT THE BEACON, that it could bring the price of tickets down and make them easier and less complicated to buy. We figured out a way.”

As if that weren’t enough good news for CK fans, his FX series Louie returns for its third season next week.

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