FXX Bringing “Flowers” For ‘Always Sunny,’ ‘The League’

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Charlie Day Perusing the “to record” screen on my DVR last week, I noticed something interesting: This Wednesday’s episodes of FXX’s two popular sitcoms, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League, both have similarly titled episodes this week. ‘Sunny’“s is called “Flowers For Charlie,” while The League‘s is titled “Flowers For Taco.”

Is this a crossover? Was it planned in advance? Who knows. It’s a good chance, though, that one or both of the episodes will function as a parody of “Flowers for Algernon,” Daniel Keyes’ 1966 science fiction novel about a simple-minded janitor who undergoes an experiment that suddenly makes him a genius, while also contending with a laboratory mouse who previously had the same experiment done.

I could easily see a scenario like that working with either Sunny’s Charlie (Charlie Day) or The League’s Taco (Jon Lajoie); the protagonist of the novel was named Charlie, and we know the Charlie character on Sunny lives with rodents. And considering The League already aired an episode this season based entirely on two peripheral characters road-tripping to Los Angeles in order to murder a pornographer played by Kevin Nealon, a sci-fi parody involving guitar-strumming manchild Taco isn’t too hard to imagine.

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