The Greatest Halloween Costume Finder You Never Knew You Needed

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Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I dropped the ball on my Halloween costume this year. I waited til the last minute and bought a cheap looking Flapper costume on some website, and the express shipping was more than the costume itself. But that’s Halloween for you.

Mean Girls Halloween


Every year I think I NEED TO DO SOMETHING SPECTACULAR. But procrastination gets the best of me and in the past two years I chose Wonder Woman and a policewoman as my “creative” costumes. Shame on me. If only I had known about this amazing website sooner. In the same vain as the “What Rhymes with Hug Me” site that generates an awesome assortment of “Hug Me” rhymes, this website also provides for hours of entertainment.

Halloween costume

But don’t take my word for it.

Check it out here:

Also, it suggested “provocative mason jar” for me. Job well done, internet!

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