It’s Showtime: ‘Beetlejuice 2′ Could Soon Be on the Way

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Hey, did you know that Sammy Davis Jr. was Tim Burton’s original choice for the role of Beetlejuice? It’s true. Warner Bros. executives thought the sight of the late untitled (2)Rat Packer honking his crotch, looking up Geena Davis’ dress and using the “F” word was far too weird so they eventually talked Burton into casting Michael Keaton instead. It’s one of those great missed opportunities not only because it would have been fun to watch the Candyman play an undead sexual predator but also because the possibility of a sequel would have died with Davis Jr.

According to The Verge, Burton and Michael Keaton are currently in negotiations to make a sequel to “Beetlejuice”. Fans of the film might already be aware that this is the second attempt to make a “Beetlejuice” sequel following the ill-fated “Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian” which Burton abandoned to make “Batman Returns”. Supposedly, the “Beetlejuice” sequel will not be the next film Burton makes, however, it’s being reported by Schmoes Know that Burton will be dividing his time between directing the sequel and “Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children”.

Personally, even though it would be great to see Michael Keaton starring in a movie again, I’d rather not see Burton rehash his greatest hits. Even though everybody’s getting excited over this, I can see this film becoming Burton’s personal “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (e.g. a film so highly anticipated, it can’t help but disappoint). Besides, whatever happened to that stop-motion “Addams Family” movie he was talking about a few years ago? I’d much rather see that than another unnecessary sequel.

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