Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer Teases ‘The Day of the Doctor’

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Day of the Doctor posterComing November 23, 2013, is the day The Doctor tells us he’s been running for over 900 years. Or 50, as our TV Earth time goes. What’s coming in the 50th anniversary episode? Showrunner Steven Moffat said all kinds of rumors are out there, as always. He admits that sometimes he starts the crazy rumors himself, but this time he hasn’t needed to.

We do know that David Tennant will return to reprise his role as the Tenth Doctor, and that the Daleks will return. It simply would not be a 50th anniversary party without them. Moffat’s also bringing back the Zygons, monsters that only appeared in the 1975 Terror of the Zygons episode.  That single appearance has given them cult status, and the 50th anniversary struck Moffat as a good time to bring them back.

The Day of the Doctor will screen in 3D more than 200 cinemas in the UK and Ireland. So what do you get someone who can travel all of time and space for a golden anniversary present?

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