Showtime Renews Fledgling Show ‘Masters of Sex’ and Veteran ‘Homeland’

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Homeland-Masters of SexIt’s not all bad news for the fall’s new TV shows, especially those that are not blatant, cheap rip-offs of 70s procedurals, boorish sitcoms starring washed-up ‘90s TV stars or lame family comedies that in all honesty shouldn’t have ended up on air in the first place.

Oh, and another key aspect, it’s not bad news for fresh cable TV series, which are once again proving they’re playing in a whole different league than network shows.

Cutting to the chase, let’s all bow down to Showtime, whose Masters of Sex is the edgiest, funniest, most touching piece of entertainment to land on the small screen outside the big screen since Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black. However historically inaccurate it may be.

SHO has already ordered a second season of Masters of Sex and it has renewed veteran Homeland for a fourth stint on air. Both shows are likely to return in the fall of 2014 and they will both run for at least 12 weeks in addition to the time they have left this year, which is through December 15.

So far in 2013, Homeland has averaged 6.5 million viewers per episode across all platforms, up 26% from 2012 and making the Claire Danes starrer the station’s most popular series still ongoing.

Meanwhile, Michael Sheen’s concoction, also starring the lovely and immensely talented Lizzy Caplan, has performed fantastically for a rookie, averaging 5.4 million viewers, so roughly 30% more than Homeland’s first-season ratings.

That, along with the two’s tremendous awards potential (Homeland has won five Golden Globes already), make these renewals, along with others to come, no-brainers. Still, congrats, Showtime, for doing the right thing so soon and especially for putting your incessant trust in risky, edgy and controversial projects year after year.

Via [The Wrap]

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