‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Lives, Will Indeed Come Out Christmas Day

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WOLF-OF-WALL-STREETGreat news, Scorsese, DiCaprio and McConaughey fans and those of you still hoping this year’s once seemingly uber-exciting and ultra-crowded Oscar race won’t end up a bland two-way fight between the overrated “Gravity” and hard to digest “12 Years a Slave”.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is indeed saved, as rumor had it a couple of weeks back, and will land in theaters this December 25. That’s a 40-day delay from the initially announced November 15 release date and it’s certainly a massive gamble, both in terms of genuine Oscar shots and box-office potential.

On the one hand, while you don’t want the Academy to see your player too early and thus forget about it come nomination time, it’s rarely wise to throw it in the cage in the eleventh hour, since at that point many voters may have their minds set on certain movies or may just be sick of Oscar bait.

On the other, as far as possible grosses go, Christmas releases are notoriously profitable, but you have to take into account fierce competition and what audiences want to see during that special time of the year. Namely, mostly family flicks, fantasy extravaganzas, light comedies or, at best, fresh entries into established franchises.

So it’s no wonder Paramount, the studios that I’m guessing invested quite a bit of money in possibly the most expensive Scorsese product since “The Aviator”, have chosen to make room for “The Wolf of Wall Street” by pushing back the Chris Pine starrer “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” to “early 2014”.

Now if only Paramount could do something about “Anchorman 2”, set to open December 20, and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, slated for Christmas Day.

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