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One of the more impressive Supercuts ever, by Kevin Porter, shows that Aaron Sorkin has made quite a habit over the years of self-plagiarism (YouTube)

A cartoon of how movie theater layouts should work (The Oatmeal)

Bruce Springsteen may be a liberal, but conservatives can’t stop praising him. First Chris Christie, now David Brooks (New York Times)

Do you remember that Emma Stone once guest-starred on Louis CK’s old Lucky Louie show? (Laughspin)

Whatever you do, don't talk to Bartlett like he's other people

Charlie Kaufman’s “Frank or Francis” movie apparently isn’t being made (AV Club)

Things to hate about Smash keep getting subtracted- first the worst cast members, now Debra Messing’s laughable outfits (Vulture)

In the best piece of news for gay Americans since Obama endorsed marriage equality, Cher has announced plans for a Broadway musical about her life (The Wrap)

And you thought “American Idiot” was ambitious… Green Day is planning a trilogy of new albums (Rolling Stone)

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